Hill Dentistry

When you choose a dentist, it is nice to know that your whole family can use the same practice.
When they are located conveniently in your neighborhood, it is even better.
Hill Dentistry is a full service dental office in Colorado Springs that serves the greater
community. We offer services for all ages, and do a variety of things that not all dental practices
are able to offer, such as orthodontic and endodontic work. From a regular check up and
cleaning through more advanced implants, veneers, crowns and braces, our office can meet
most any need you have for dental services.
Dr. Jonathan Hill, DDS, has been a resident of the Colorado Springs region for nearly 30 years. He
fell in love with south central Colorado while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, and returned
here with his wife to settle and raise a family. Dr. Hill believes that dental health and a dazzling
smile help make a person whole and healthy, and his continuing education studies continue to
help the community grow healthier as a whole. He is an expert in implant, restorative and
reparative, laser dental work, and oral surgery with IV sedation, and has many happy, smiling
patients to prove his dedication to his chosen field.
A number of services are available at Hill Dentistry, including but not limited to checkups and
dental hygiene, filings, veneers, crowns and bridge work, implants, dental whitening,
contouring, bonding, specialty dentures and soft tissue grafts. Endodontic and orthodontic
work, braces, dentures, and soft tissue grafts to restore and repair gum tissue as a result of
disease or damage can also be done in our offices.
One of Dr. Hill’s specializations is children’s dentistry. Children often are frightened to come into
the office with all the strange sounds, sights, and equipment. The staff at Hill Dentistry works
diligently to make sure every young patient receives caring, compassionate attention to make
the visit as easy as possible. They extend that same care to patients with dental anxiety, making
the necessary visits less stressful.
Sometimes dental work is an emergency, and it is a night, weekend, or holiday. Dr. Hill has
emergency dental services available to his patients and the public. A chipped, loose, or broken
tooth needs immediate attention to assess the damage, repair or replace if possible, and work
to restore the issue. Dr. Hill encourages anyone with a dental emergency to contact his office
and a qualified staff member will assist you to get the help you need fast.

Dental work can be expensive. Hill Dentistry accepts many major dental and health insurance
programs. They also have a zero down, zero interest dental finance plan when it is necessary to
help a patient get the assistance they need to handle their dental issues. Information about the
program, types of insurance covered, and much dental information can be found on their
website at
As a long time resident with a family in Colorado Springs, Dr. Hill participates in many
professional organizations in the area, and was involved with his children’s activities while they
were growing up. He and his wife of over three decades love the Colorado Springs and Pike’s
Peak region and would not consider any other place home. Their hearts are in the community
and they are involved in many local activities to better the area and reach out to those who
need a smile and a warm and caring hand.
Visit our website to ask questions or set up an appointment. You can contact us there or by
phone and we will be happy to set up an initial consultation for you or a family member. We
welcome new patients and hope we see you smiling at a local event here in Colorado Springs.