What Can a Locksmith Do for You?

What are locksmiths? Locksmith services aren’t just limited to lock-breaking and key-shaving. It’s a common misconception that locksmiths are only experts who fix locks and keys. In reality, locksmiths are highly skilled professionals who repair, install, and upgrade residential, commercial, automotive, and security systems and locks. Locksmith services may include the following:


Residential locksmith services: Keyless entry, deadbolts, biometrics, combination locks, and other home security concerns are often addressed by residential locksmiths. A residential locksmith can also provide emergency lockouts and other services related to home security. Locksmith services can be provided at your home or business, and often you’ll be charged a fee per hour. Some services you may need from a locksmith include:

Commercial locksmith services: Locksmiths who work in the commercial field provide more advanced locksmith services, such as key duplication, key cutting, or bypassing. They may also service high-security facilities such as banks or government buildings. Some locksmiths in this field specialize in specific sectors, such as electronics, medical, military, or corporate. Some locksmiths use state-of-the-art computerized equipment to provide their customers with fast, accurate, and efficient services. Other services that a commercial locksmith may provide are:

Automobile locksmiths: Car locks are a lot easier to break than most home locks. And because they’re typically used for sensitive or protected areas, car locks should be handled with care. Professional locksmiths are trained to handle a wide variety of locks and the tools required to perform them. For example, they can use special tools such as a Torsion wrench, which is strong enough to cut through even the most fortified lock, and a power drill.

Security systems: A security system is often the best way to protect your home or business. Many security systems offer the convenience of keyless entry so that the owner only needs a code to open the doors. Locksmiths who operate in this area can also install any of the various security systems available.

Keys for a new home: Locksmith services for a new home are similar to those for an existing home, in that new homes will usually require some lock change. Keys will generally need to be re-keyed, or the existing keys may need to be replaced. When you’re changing the locks in a new home, a locksmith will remove the old keys and replace them with the keys provided by the builder. If the builder does not supply keys, the locksmith will usually know where to find the keys.

Replacement of lost keys: Many people make the mistake of believing that if they have lost a set of keys that they have permanently lost the key. This is rarely the case, however, as many locksmiths offer a replacement key service. For example, if you have lost a set of keys to a home or car, a locksmith can re-key the existing combination to match the new keys, thus making it possible to get into the house or car.

There are several different types of locksmith services available. Most locksmiths will be familiar with the most common services, but it’s always wise to ask them about other options as well. While these services may seem relatively commonplace, it’s important to remember that not all locksmiths provide the same services.

One of the more popular locksmith services available is safe cracking. Safes are often built with different types of access methods and using different types of equipment. For example, some safes can only be opened from the inside while others must be opened outside. While some safes can be opened inside, locksmiths can break down more difficult safes and install additional access methods.

Another option available for locksmiths is vital duplication. This service involves duplicating keys for various lock systems, including car, truck, and residential lock systems. Locksmiths can give customers peace of mind that their security systems are not compromised by providing duplicated keys. In some cases, a locksmith may also be able to offer this service to businesses to provide their employees with peace of mind.

With all of these different types of services a locksmith provides, it is easy to see why so many locksmiths exist today. Locksmith services have enabled homeowners and business owners to protect their homes, business, and lives from harm. If you need a residential locksmith or a commercial locksmith, contact your local provider to schedule an appointment to see what they can do for you.